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McCalls Costumes - Yaya Han Collection - Schnittmuster M-7645


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Yaya Han costume
Dress A is fitted through the bust and partially lined, with front and back slits, back separating zipper and contrast bodice front and upper sleeve. Close-fitting Corset B is partially lined and has boning, piping, and back two-part eyelet detail. Corset has attached skirts and contrast lower skirts. Capelet C has hood, contrast front and back, and button closure. Cape D has stitched hems, wrong side of fabric will show and can be attached to Dress A with hooks and thread loops. Gauntlets E have contrast gusset and strap for thumb, button and loop closure.
FABRICS: A, Contrast C, E: Light Weight Linen, Micro Suede. B, Contrast A, B: Lightweight Brocade. C, D: Two Sided Gauze. E: Synthetic Leather. Lining: Lining Fabric, Cotton/Cotton Blends. Backing: Felt.
Note: Fabric requirement allows for nap, one-way design or shading. Extra fabric may be needed to match design or for shrinkage.
NOTIONS: A: One 18" (46 cm) Separating Zipper. B: 21/2 yds. (2.3 m) of Piping, Twelve 1/2" (1.3 cm) Eyelets, 23/4 yds. (2.6 m) of 1/8" (0.3 cm) Cording or Ribbon, 13/4 yds. (1.6 m) of Boning. C: Two 3/4" (2 cm) Buttons. D: Four Hooks. E: Six 3/4" (2 cm) Buttons, 3/4 yd. (0.7 m) of 1/8" (0.3 cm) Cording.
Size Combinations: A5(6-8-10-12-14), E5(14-16-18-20-22)
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Im Schnitt enthalten ist eine gut verständliche Nähanleitung in englisch, deutsch und französisch.

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PRYM Kreiderad Stift ergonomic
PRYM Kreiderad Stift ergonomic

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